December 12, 2017

Your Exercise Environment

P90XThe importance of the environment in which you exercise can often be overlooked, especially if you workout at home and have a regular routine established.

This topic occurred to me about two weeks ago while doing my P90X Plyometrics workout.  That day I chose to workout in the bedroom, which is much smaller than my regular workout spot in the living room.

I quickly realized that exercising in a smaller space was forcing me to maintain better form during each exercise.  There wasn’t as much room for mistakes and my form was tighter and I was making each movement as efficiently as possible.

Another benefit was being able to watch my movements in the mirror.  This helped me not only maintain proper form, but also to keep my intensity level consistent.

Having more objects available to focus on during certain exercises was also helpful.  For example, during the “hot foot” exercise that involves jumping in the shape of a cross, I  was able to make sure my cross lined up with the gaps in the tile on the floor.

Always consider the environment you exercise in…and mix it up.  It really can make a big difference in motivation, focus and results.

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