December 12, 2017

Why You Need Yoga X in Your P90X Workout

I hear so many people complain about P90X Yoga X. “It’s too long.” “Yoga X is too hard.” “Who needs Yoga! Not me.” Does that sound like you?

These people just don’t understand what yoga does for your body and why it’s needed, especially when doing an extreme workout like P90X. Yoga X is the one workout that will pull you through all of the rest of the workouts.

The first 45 minutes are the hardest. If you just relax, breath and focus, it really isn’t that tough. Yes, some of the moves are a little intense, such as Twisting Half-Moon and Extended Right Angle pose. But one of the great things about P90X is you can modify any exercise until you can master it!

When you do an at-home workout program like P90X, you can modify an exercise, take a break, or hang out in child’s pose. There is no one around to judge you. At the end of the moving Asanas when Tony Horton says, “Last vinyasa of the day,” it’s a huge sense of accomplishment knowing that the hardest part is over.

Yoga keeps your body young and calms the mind. It will work all of your weak spots whether it’s flexibility, coordination, strength or balance. With hard work and persistence you will definitely see vast improvements in these areas.

If you really can’t hack the hour and a half, you have options! You can substitute P90X One on One Yoga – Fountain of Youth for Yoga X.

It’s an equally effective workout in half the time. It’s also perfect if you like Yoga X but just don’t have the time for it.

Yoga X is very important to your success so stick with it and it will pay you back tenfold.

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