January 21, 2018

Burn Fat Fast with Shakeology and P90X

As I progressed  through P90X, the amazing 60-day at-home fitness program, I found a great way to  burn fat fast and reduce my belly!  Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. If you do P90X but are lazy about nutrition, you won’t get the results you want!

Shakeology can help you lose weight, increase energy, and stop those cravings! Shakeology contains natural ingredients derived from whole-food sources deliver the daily vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs to curb cravings, allowing it to shed stored fat.

Use Shakeology as a post-workout drink. Remember to include the calories in your daily caloric intake.

Here is my experience with Shakeology and P90X:

  • Lost 1 point of body fat per day.
  • Belly toned up.
  • This change occurred in one week!

Here’s what I did:

That’s my own technique for burning fat and reducing the belly quickly.

What is Shakeology?
Shakeology is a patent-pending daily nutritional shake that helps your body gently eliminate toxins more efficiently while allowing for better absorption of the essential nutrients you need. Shakeology can help you:

1. Lose Weight
2. Feel Energized
3. Improve Digestion and Regularity
4. Lower Cholesterol

Tastes delicious, too!

Does Shakeology Really Work? Yes, It Does!

When I first started researching Shakeology meal replacement shake, I didn’t know what it was or if it was worth it. How many health related products out there promise something fantastic and actually deliver? Not many.

Yes, I was a Shakeology skeptic from the start. After investigating the facts and testimonials, I became a believer in the claims of this superfood meal replacement shake.

My wife talked about getting into shape and losing weight after having our second child but she never got around to it. This was the perfect chance for her to get started with P90X and drink Shakeology meal replacement shake to achieve her goal. I shared the information about the natural ingredients, essential vitamins and nutrients and she agreed to give it a try! We took the first step and ordered. When Shakeology finally arrived, I was more excited about it then my wife was.

She started drinking Shakeology every day. I noticed a change in her before she did. She wasn’t complaining about being exhausted anymore which was her number one issue. After working all day and coming home to care for two small children, she was usually tired and workouts were a challenge.

Now, she not only completes her P90X workouts but also adds a second workout on most days. She said to me, “Wow honey I’ve never finished P90X Yoga X before!” What a turnaround from her previous attempts at P90X! This is coming from a person who used to hate working out! She is also dropping weight on a consistent basis and fits into a bikini for the first time in 4 years!

Experiencing these amazing results in the way she looks and feels keeps her committed to her fitness goal. Losing weight each week is a great motivator! Paired with improved diet and a consistent exercise program, Shakeology is a fantastic way to get results and the best meal replacement shake I’ve ever had.

Don’t be a skeptic like me. Shakeology is worth every penny!

Bob’s Shakeology and P90X Success Story

Shakeology meal replacement shake gave Bob the nutrition and energy he needed to power through P90X. Bob lost 47 pounds and 6 inches off his waist at 52 years old!

He was overweight his entire life. By the time he was 52 he was 240 pounds. He was having chest pains and his blood pressure was astronomical. He was also on blood pressure medication. Like so many people in his age group, his health was not good from lack of good nutrition and exercise.

His son was also overweight and getting teased at school. Bob saw that his son was headed down the same path as him and decided to do something about it.

Bob’s wife achieved incredible results with P90X, the 90-day fitness program so he and his son decided to give it a try. The problem was that he did not have the energy to get through the extreme workouts. He needed a solution.

His wife suggested he start drinking Shakeology. Bob noticed immediately that he felt better and had a great energy boost. With Shakeology to give him the fuel he needed and the at-home exercises, Bob was amazed at this results.

He threw away his blood pressure medication and anti-depressants. Getting rid of those medications was a huge step towards better health. He is now in the best shape of his life! He is so thankful to his wife for introducing him to Shakeology and P90X.

If you really want to make a change in your life, try this amazing meal replacement shake and see what it can do for you! And don’t forget to exercise, it does a body good.

Getting Lean with HIIT Workouts – High Intensity Interval Training

HIITHIIT, also known as High Intensity Interval Training, wind sprints, fartleks, whatever you like to call it is a form of exercise that has been proven to burn more fat.  It’s different than traditional cardio, ie 30min of jogging, elliptical at a moderate intensity. HIIT is basically short bursts of high intensity exercise separated by periods of lower intensity effort. It is the bursts of high intensity periods that brings the results.

You can find millions of pages on High Intensity Interval Training workout plans, but it all does the same thing. I like to keep it simple. High intensity bursts, then low intensity. I usually perform it on a track. Since I live about half a mile from a school, I would jog there and be warmed up for my HIIT workout. I sprint the straight aways and jog the turns, simple. I aim for 8-10 laps. By the 8th lap, I’m beat, I sometimes have to walk the turns for the last couple of laps, my lungs gasping for oxygen and my legs feel like jello, by the time stumble back home I feel like a zombie. I’d have my Shakeology and a scoop of P90X Whey Protein Powder , take a shower, and I’m ready for bed…

But running could be hard on my joints, plus it gets boring and could be un-motivating, so I often switch it up my routine by doing INSANITY workout on days that is too cold, raining or just don’t feel like running. Insanity is definitely a TOTAL body HIIT workout, especially the Max Interval Circuit DVD, excellent alternative and nice change of pace. I get the same satisfaction as if I get home from my track workout, except it’s my whole body that is beat. The only stumbling is to my kitchen, have my Shakeology + P90X Whey Protein Powder, take a shower, and I’m ready for bed…

Lisa suggested that I try the recently introduced TurboFire, She said that TurboFire is a HIIT gem, adding another option to my workout routine. I will definitely give that a try. Plus Chalene is more pleasant to look at than Shaun…

Long and slow is how a 30lb overweight person finish a marathon, great feat indeed, but our goal here is to burn fat in the most efficient manner, not run a marathon. So if you want to have the ability to raise your metabolism and fat burning capability, HIIT is much more valuable than just a cardio workout or a simple calorie deficit. Whether you try my track workout, Insanity, or the new Turbofire , you will burn more calories for many hours post exercise and more of it will be fat compared to low intensity cardio.

Try the Ultimate workouts!

P90X Peak Health Formula | High-Potency Multivitamin For Extreme Training Programs

P90X Peak Health Formula

P90X Peak Health Formula is designed to ensure that your body receives all the essential nutrients it needs as you work your way through an extreme training system such as P90X or INSANITY.  It also boosts energy so you’ll never feel too tired to do a workout, and enhances your immune system.

P90X Peak Health Formula is essentially a potent and very complete multivitamin designed especially to meet the needs of a very active individual engaged in high-intensity training.

  • High-potency multivitamin-mineral
  • High-potency antioxidant coverage
  • Immune support
  • Energy support
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Memory and nerve support
  • Anti-aging support
  • Anti-stress support
  • Support for skin, hair, and nails

I took this vitamin throughout all three months of P90X and I’m thankful I did.  It did considerably boost my energy, and also helped my body feel energized even after a grueling workout.   This formula is highly recommended if you’re doing any extreme training program.

Life After P90X | Maintaining Your Results One On One With Tony Horton

So you committed 90 days of your life to P90X, with amazing results. But you may be wondering, “What now? How do I maintain and move beyond what I achieved with P90X?”

The answer for many P90X grads is One on One with Tony Horton.

One On One brings you up close and personal with Tony Horton, inventing new high-intensity workouts in his home gym. The video is raw and unedited, with no fancy effects or studio audience — just unfiltered footage directly from the source.

One On One With Tony Horton brings the same intensity as P90X in 20 to 40 minute focused workouts.

12 All New Extreme Workouts

  • Plyo Legs
  • Road Warrior
  • Killer Abs
  • Just Arms
  • 30-15: Upper Body Massacre
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Super Cardio
  • Mammoth UML
  • Bun Shaper
  • Medicine Ball Core Cardio
  • Recovery 4 Results
  • Diamond Delts

Get One On One With Tony Horton (Volume 1 Full Edition)
Every workout in a convenient DVD Collector’s Box, plus a FREE bonus workout

Get One on One with Tony Horton (More Workouts)
Select a DVD of your choice from the drop-down menu

Now Available — Volume 2 Full Edition

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INSANITY Workout DVD with Shaun T. | Beachbody 60-Day Exercise Program Review

-Released 4/8/11

The INSANITY workout program from Shaun T. and Beachbody is designed for the physically prepared and the mentally strong. When released, INSANITY was promoted as among the most difficult and effective workout programs ever created, surpassing even P90X in sheer intensity and effort required.

Now that my copy of INSANITY has arrived and I’ve started the workouts, I intend to write an article on each workout to give readers a feel for what’s involved with every step of the 60 day process.

Shaun T.’s “MAX Interval Training” takes you through extended bursts of high-intensity exercises with only short periods of rest, an interval approach that helps push past your previous barriers. It’s said that the program can burn up to 1,000 calories per workout…and I don’t doubt it. Follow my progress to see if I can really get a ripped, muscular physique in just 60 days — or click below to try it yourself.

While both are extreme fitness programs, INSANITY differs from P90X in that it requires no resistance bands or exercise equipment of any kind. But can it really deliver life changing results in just 60 days, compared to the 90 day P90X program? For many, it already has. The workouts are specifically designed and sequenced to give users optimal results in the shortest possible time period.

Who is Shaun T.? With a background in sports science, dance and choreography, Shaun T. owes his celebrity and credibility in part to the success of Hip Hop Abs, also from Beachbody. INSANITY takes his enthusiasm and training approach to the next level.

Even the INSANITY packaging is more impressive than that of P90X. It’s a big, substantial book housing two DVD’s per page. The rear inside cover includes a sleeve which holds the Fitness Guide and Elite Nutrition Guide. It’s a visually appealing and convenient package that will be perfect for travel.

INSANITY includes plyometric routines and nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance, and ab and core training on 10 DVDs.

  • DVD 1. Dig Deeper & Fit Test: Shaun T. puts your body through an initial test to see what you’re made of
  • DVD 2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit: Burn fat with intervals of intense lower-body plyo and sweat-inducing cardio
  • DVD 3. Cardio Power & Resistance: Build lean muscle and upper-body definition with strength-training and Insanity workout power moves.
  • DVD 4. Cardio Recovery: Shaun T goes easier on you once a week so you’re ready for the next Insanity workout round
  • DVD 5. Pure Cardio & Abs: Skip the intervals…this nonstop cardio workout is all extreme
  • DVD 6. Cardio Abs: Do explosive intervals of cardio and core moves for rock-hard abs
  • DVD 7. Core Cardio & Balance: Take a break after month 1 of the Insanity program and gear up for month 2 with this workout
  • DVD 8. Max Interval Circuit: The interval circuit that’s more intense than anything you’ve ever done before
  • DVD 9. Max Interval Plyo: Push your legs until they beg for mercy with power and plyo, all at your MAX
  • DVD 10. Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs: Get pushed to your limit with this extreme cardio workout

P90X Results and Recovery Formula

Did you know that after a hard workout your body needs some essential vitamins and nutrients?

You need to fuel your body with vital nutrients to help your muscles repair themselves within one hour of working out for optimal results.  It is critical that you provide your body with these core nutrients it is craving after exercise.

If you’re doing Power 90®, P90X®, or any demanding fitness program, complete recovery is critical to maintaining hard-earned
results. Water replaces fluids but not the many essential nutrients which are utilized for energy or lost through sweat. P90X Recovery Formula is a re-hydrating, re-energizing drink that helps you recover faster and more completely so you feel refreshed and ready for every workout.

P90X Recovery drink will also reduce the soreness you may feel in your muscles after a strenuous workout like the P90X extreme fitness program.

An extremely convenient and effective solution is to mix up a glass of P90X Results and Recovery Formula.  It is an after-workout drink containing all the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs after a hard workout, such as P90X or Insanity.  It also makes a great before-workout drink!  For best results with P90X Recovery drink, use within 1 hour of completing your workout. You can also drink it during your workout.

The best part is that the P90X Recovery drink tastes absolutely delicious – sort of like liquid Fruity Pebbles! How can you go wrong with that?

Pride in Exercising | It’s Not Just About How You Look

There are thousands of articles on the internet about the physical benefits of exercise, so I won’t attempt to add to those.  This post is more about the pride which comes with sticking to and completing an exercise program.

I am currently working through P90X for the third time.  I didn’t jump right in — I first conditioned my body gradually and got used to daily exercise using Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer, completing two rounds of TMT before moving on to P90X.

The first round was actually the easiest for me to stick with.  I was extremely devoted and never missed a day, even when sick.  The pride and psychological benefits that come with starting and finishing a program are just indescribable, especially an extreme fitness program like P90X or INSANITY.

This sense of pride is developed through the devotion required to finish a program and overcome the mental and physical challenges involved.  It’s also a proven fact that exercise boosts  self-esteem.  The TV infomercials neglect to mention the psychological benefits and mental changes that occur as you work through a fitness program.  To finish a program alone takes will power, devotion, and mental strength, which in turn builds a sense of pride, accomplishment and confidence that affects all aspects of your life.

Choose the fitness program that’s right for you and get started today!

P90X with Tony Horton Video Preview | 90 Day DVD Workout Program

Today we’ll take a look inside P90X. Have you been wondering exactly what the workouts are like? Take a look at this informative video with user testimonials and details from Tony Horton.

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