December 12, 2017

Self Discipline and Motivation to Exercise

Do you lack the self-discipline and motivation needed to keep up with a regular exercise program and healthy diet? You are not alone.

Motivation and discipline are the number 1 reason why people fail to complete a fitness program. Need some tips?

  • Work out at the same time daily. When you look at the clock and see your exercise time, you can choose to get up and do it, or sit and feel guilty as the time passes by.
  • Find a buddy! Working out with a friend will help keep you accountable!
  • Reward yourself.  Have you stuck to your program for two weeks straight?  Get the new pair of shoes you had your eye on!  Or maybe a new movie or video game.
  • Compare the amount of FAT in junk foods to the amount of FAT in health food which you may not be so crazy about eating.  Did you know you have to run the length of a football field to burn off one single M&M?
  • Think eating healthy is more expensive?  Try thinking of it in years off your life.  The cheap junk food takes years off while eating healthy can add years.
  • Talk to people! This one has worked wonders for me.  If you just casually chat with co-workers and friends about your exercise routine, eventually they will occasionally ask how it’s going.  How will you feel when you have to fess up that you haven’t been sticking with it.
  • You can join Team Beachbody for free and get access to online fitness tools and community support.

What are YOUR exercise motivators? Let us know!

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