December 12, 2017

P90X Yoga MC2

With Yoga, the key to getting the most out of each movement is focused breathing. With P90X Yoga MC2, you’ll get moves never seen before like lifted toes and hand placement for super intensity! This type of stretching is the fountain of youth and the MC2 version will really help you Bring It like never before.

This P90X-style yoga is intense. Get ready for sun salutations with a lifted head and chaturanga with a toe roll. Tony Horton’s fresh, new combinations will challenge your quads, butt, belly, and more. Exhale, relax: Strength, power, and flexibility lie just ahead.

Still excited about P90X and wondering what to do next? Then  One on One is for you! Kick things up a notch – as if it can get any harder than the original! Yes, it can! Just you and Tony, testing out new routines for P90X:MC2™, a new, no-frills, unscripted workout. One on One lets you add a new layer of Muscle Confusion, with a new disc delivered each month.

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