December 12, 2017

Exercising with Injuries

You’re well into your exercise program, exercising daily and eating a healthy diet.  Then you get an injury.

What should you do?

Well, here’s what I did, which has worked extremely well in my particular situation.

I got a sprained ankle while running one evening.  You see, because I completed a month’s worth of Insanity, I am able to run faster than ever before.  How fast?  Close to 15 miles per hour!  And I can hold that pace for about a block!

As you may have guessed, running at that pace provides a great opportunity for one (or many) muscles to malfunction for just a short amount of time, which is precisely what happened.  I was three weeks into my third round of P9oX.  Not a very convenient time to get injured.

Here’s the steps I have followed:

  • Take a break until the injury is healed.  You’ll have to miss workouts, which is difficult to deal with mentally when you are used to exercising regularly.  If possible, you can do other workouts which don’t use the injured part of your body.  In my case, I could have done some upper body exercising.
  • Once the injury is healed enough to where you don’t have pain just from your regular, everyday activity, stabilize the injured area.  In my case,  I have been wearing an Ace bandage around my ankle.
  • Modify, modify, modify.  Modify the routine you do to minimize use of the injured area.  You may need to do a different workout all together.  In my case, with the sprained ankle, instead of doing Plyometrics which would have placed a large amount of strain on the ankle, I did Kenpo X.

When you follow these steps, you may be able to resume exercising before your injury is 100% healed.  In my case, it has been a great way to get back into my routine without losing too much time.  I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, but if you’re hardcore and don’t like downtime, it just may work for you!

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