December 14, 2017

TurboFire Success Story

Are you ready to fire up your energy levels and lose weight? You can do just that in the comfort of your home, just like Justine did. Before TurboFire, she was working out at the gym 5 to 6 days a week and eating really healthy. Even with all that exercise, there were no changes in her body. How frustrating is that? She was at a weight loss plateau and wanted results.

She heard about TurboFire workout and got excited because it looked to be fun and different. One of the big differences that separate TurboFire from other fitness programs is the HIIT workouts. These High Intensity Interval Training exercises are so intense! You hear the fire drill and your energy just starts going and you go for it. The HIIT workouts really rev up your metabolism which helps your body burn more calories for the next 24 hours. The drills work by pushing to to the max for up to 1-minute, with quick recovery periods.

Even though it’s hard work, with the awesome music pumping, you feel like you are at a party.

Doing the workout at home is fun too! According to Justine, she can let loose be herself without feeling insecure and just have a good time. There is no worry about anyone looking at you at home. Also, working out at 100 percent maximum capacity is addictive!

If you are not sure how to do the steps, there is a super cool “New to Class” option where you get step-by-step instruction to help you through the moves the first time.

She got results fast too! With TurboFire, biceps showed up and she finally got these abs that were hiding under a layer of fat. She lost 20 pounds and feels amazing!

Weight Loss Before and After Pictures

These women slimmed down, shaped up, and found weight-loss success with TurboFire. See their before and after photos, and find out what they had to say about TurboFire, an amazing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 12-week workout program.

TurboFire’s HIIT workouts are a program that even a beginner can do! They are the most intense type of workouts but can be modified to be less intense. There is an exercise modifier in every workout! Each TurboFire cardio workout is completely different too!

Kandi A. Lost 10 lbs. with TurboFire. “I never thought I could get this type of a workout in my own home.”

Karina D. Lost 22 lbs. “It just kicks your butt, if you want your butt to be kicked, which I do . . . And it’s so much fun!”

Sabrina S. Lost 17 lbs. “With TurboFire, I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’ve been able to transform my body, and I am literally in the best shape of my life.”

Jennifer A. Lost 55 lbs. “TurboFire is life-changing. Not only has it made me a healthier person, but it has made me a happier person. And that’s been the best change of all.”

Are you ready to eat right, burn calories, and get the best body you’ve always wanted? Take the TurboFire challenge today in the convenience of your home!

Getting Lean with HIIT Workouts – High Intensity Interval Training

HIITHIIT, also known as High Intensity Interval Training, wind sprints, fartleks, whatever you like to call it is a form of exercise that has been proven to burn more fat.  It’s different than traditional cardio, ie 30min of jogging, elliptical at a moderate intensity. HIIT is basically short bursts of high intensity exercise separated by periods of lower intensity effort. It is the bursts of high intensity periods that brings the results.

You can find millions of pages on High Intensity Interval Training workout plans, but it all does the same thing. I like to keep it simple. High intensity bursts, then low intensity. I usually perform it on a track. Since I live about half a mile from a school, I would jog there and be warmed up for my HIIT workout. I sprint the straight aways and jog the turns, simple. I aim for 8-10 laps. By the 8th lap, I’m beat, I sometimes have to walk the turns for the last couple of laps, my lungs gasping for oxygen and my legs feel like jello, by the time stumble back home I feel like a zombie. I’d have my Shakeology and a scoop of P90X Whey Protein Powder , take a shower, and I’m ready for bed…

But running could be hard on my joints, plus it gets boring and could be un-motivating, so I often switch it up my routine by doing INSANITY workout on days that is too cold, raining or just don’t feel like running. Insanity is definitely a TOTAL body HIIT workout, especially the Max Interval Circuit DVD, excellent alternative and nice change of pace. I get the same satisfaction as if I get home from my track workout, except it’s my whole body that is beat. The only stumbling is to my kitchen, have my Shakeology + P90X Whey Protein Powder, take a shower, and I’m ready for bed…

Lisa suggested that I try the recently introduced TurboFire, She said that TurboFire is a HIIT gem, adding another option to my workout routine. I will definitely give that a try. Plus Chalene is more pleasant to look at than Shaun…

Long and slow is how a 30lb overweight person finish a marathon, great feat indeed, but our goal here is to burn fat in the most efficient manner, not run a marathon. So if you want to have the ability to raise your metabolism and fat burning capability, HIIT is much more valuable than just a cardio workout or a simple calorie deficit. Whether you try my track workout, Insanity, or the new Turbofire , you will burn more calories for many hours post exercise and more of it will be fat compared to low intensity cardio.

Try the Ultimate workouts!

Who Should Do Turbo Fire?

By now, you’ve heard of TurboFire, the newest Beachbody 12-week fitness program from Chalene Johnson. Turbo Fire incorporates High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and burns 9 times more fat than regular cardio exercise.

The Turbo Fire Deluxe package also features a 20-week workout program and comes with P90X Results and Recovery formula.

TurboFire is available now – includes the FREE bonus workout DVD “Greatest HIITs“:

So who should do it? Is it for you or would another home fitness program be more appropriate?

Should You Do TurboFire?

If any of these describe you, then you will probably love TurboFire!

  • Anyone who belongs to a gym and likes exercise classes
    Most gym memberships costs well over one thousand dollars per year and it’s hard to even get a decent spot in a workout class! Gyms are costly and inconvenient while TurboFire is also a classroom setting, less expensive and very convenient.
  • Men and women in top physical shape
    Even if you are in great physical condition, you can find your performance improved by TurboFire‘s high intensity interval training.
  • Extreme athletes
    You will stay ready for any competition with TurboFire‘s combination of intense cardio and interval training to keep you in peak condition.
  • Graduates of other Chalene Johnson fitness programs
    Are you a Turbo Jam graduate who wants to take your fitness to the next level? You will with TurboFire! Chalean Extreme graduates will benefit by incorporating more cardio into workouts too!
  • Graduates of P90X or Insanity
    Many P90X graduates are looking for more cardio workouts and Insanity graduates may want something slightly less intense for a follow-up program.
  • Cardio loves such as runners, spinners, or cyclists
    If you thrive on that endorphin rush of intense cardio, you will be challenged and exhilarated by TurboFire’s High Intensity Interval Training.

Turbo Fire Video

TurboFire is the total-body cardio-conditioning fitness program with the best fitness trainer, the best music, the best workouts and the best spot in class! Take the TurboFire challenge.

TurboFire is available now – includes the exclusive bonus FREE DVD, “Greatest HIITs”!

Your Exercise Environment

P90XThe importance of the environment in which you exercise can often be overlooked, especially if you workout at home and have a regular routine established.

This topic occurred to me about two weeks ago while doing my P90X Plyometrics workout.  That day I chose to workout in the bedroom, which is much smaller than my regular workout spot in the living room.

I quickly realized that exercising in a smaller space was forcing me to maintain better form during each exercise.  There wasn’t as much room for mistakes and my form was tighter and I was making each movement as efficiently as possible.

Another benefit was being able to watch my movements in the mirror.  This helped me not only maintain proper form, but also to keep my intensity level consistent.

Having more objects available to focus on during certain exercises was also helpful.  For example, during the “hot foot” exercise that involves jumping in the shape of a cross, I  was able to make sure my cross lined up with the gaps in the tile on the floor.

Always consider the environment you exercise in…and mix it up.  It really can make a big difference in motivation, focus and results.

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