December 12, 2017

Tony Horton Talks About the Beachbody Coach Business

In a recent National Beachbody Coach conference call, Tony Horton of P90X was the guest speaker. He talked about the opportunity offered by Beachbody for anyone to start their own business.

Tony also discussed his good work with Armed Forces Entertainment, where he goes to Military bases around the world sharing the fit lifestyle that programs like P90X offers.

Tony makes a good point in his discussion about our Coach business and why this opportunity is like no other. I could go on, but you should take a few minutes to listen to what Tony Horton has to say.

This Beachbody Coach opportunity is like no other!

Katharine Lost 30 Pounds with P90X and Insanity Workout

Growing up, I was always fit. Involved in athletics since I was a child, I ran track for 8 years, cross country for 6 years, and swam for 8 years. Being fit was never an issue with so many practices, meets, and races. I was good at what I did, winning medals and ribbons. I lead teams to victory and made everybody around me proud. This is what drove me to continue and, ultimately, to quit.

When I reached freshman year of college, I was sick of pleasing everybody else. I no longer enjoyed sports so I abandoned them altogether. While the training stopped, the eating continued. I didn’t weigh myself often, maybe because I knew I was gaining. But that didn’t stop me!

Fast forward to 2009. I was a working citizen and married to my college sweetheart. With a great job and great husband, my health was poor. I continued to ignore it thinking “I was active as a kid. I need a break from that.” One day in July, that attitude disappeared. I stepped on the scale on a whim and saw this: 161 pounds! I was horrified! At just 3 pounds less than my husband, I saw myself creeping towards obesity. I had to do something!

I heard about Beachbody fitness programs through a coworker so I decided to check it out. I was impressed! I chose a fitness program and committed to my health for the first time in years. After just two weeks of exercising, I was hooked.

To this date, I have completed P90X, Insanity, and ChaLEAN Extreme fitness programs. I lost 30 pounds, almost 50% of my total body fat, and dropped from a size 14 to a size 2. Healthy eating and exercise have not only become a part of my life, they have become something I enjoy again. I don’t do it for anybody else. I do it for me.

I got my life back because of Team Beachbody and I want to help others do the same. Everybody is different, but we can all benefit from a healthy lifestyle. I did once, I currently do, and from now on, I always will.

Are you ready to get healthy and fit? You will be happy you did!

Why You Need Yoga X in Your P90X Workout

I hear so many people complain about P90X Yoga X. “It’s too long.” “Yoga X is too hard.” “Who needs Yoga! Not me.” Does that sound like you?

These people just don’t understand what yoga does for your body and why it’s needed, especially when doing an extreme workout like P90X. Yoga X is the one workout that will pull you through all of the rest of the workouts.

The first 45 minutes are the hardest. If you just relax, breath and focus, it really isn’t that tough. Yes, some of the moves are a little intense, such as Twisting Half-Moon and Extended Right Angle pose. But one of the great things about P90X is you can modify any exercise until you can master it!

When you do an at-home workout program like P90X, you can modify an exercise, take a break, or hang out in child’s pose. There is no one around to judge you. At the end of the moving Asanas when Tony Horton says, “Last vinyasa of the day,” it’s a huge sense of accomplishment knowing that the hardest part is over.

Yoga keeps your body young and calms the mind. It will work all of your weak spots whether it’s flexibility, coordination, strength or balance. With hard work and persistence you will definitely see vast improvements in these areas.

If you really can’t hack the hour and a half, you have options! You can substitute P90X One on One Yoga – Fountain of Youth for Yoga X.

It’s an equally effective workout in half the time. It’s also perfect if you like Yoga X but just don’t have the time for it.

Yoga X is very important to your success so stick with it and it will pay you back tenfold.

P90x and Insanity Make the Cut for 5 Hottest Workout DVDs of 2010

Home workouts have gotten lots of attention in recent years. Who wants to take the time to go to a gym when you can get better fitness results in the convenience of your home!

With so many home workout DVD programs to choose from, Self magazine made the choice a lot easier! In a recent article, Self magazine picked the 5 hottest home workout DVDs for 2010!

You’ll never guess which Beachbody programs made the list! Well, maybe you can guess because these 2 fitness programs are the best in the industry so it’s really not a big surprise to me!

  • P90X – also known as Power 90 Extreme is based on a 90-day program. If you want extreme results, then P90X is for you! With 12 workout DVDs, a nutrition plan, and a schedule to follow, all you need is the motivation to get it done! Even celebrities like Sheryl Crow and the First Lady do P90X!
  • Insanity - with Shaun T. as your expert trainer, you’ll work out harder than ever for 60 days and be in the best shape of your life when your done! This 10 DVD fitness program is all about  plyometric, core work, and strength, power, and resistance intervals.

Other programs that made the Hottest Workout list include:

  • Exhale: Core Fusion Collection
  • Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack
  • Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System

Don’t get left behind! Going to the gym is old school unless you are a serious, professional bodybuilder! Save time, save money, by getting fit in the privacy and convenience of your living room.

Plyocide – the Ultimate Plyometrics Workout

Love Plyometric workouts? Then you will love Plyocide, the latest P90X One on One at-home fitness. Get one solid hour of plyo with a few isometric moves thrown in just so you get a rest! This routine will have you frog hopping, squatting, and spinning. You’ll get to work on a few other moves for your balance and don’t forget the vertical jumps!

P90X One on One is just you and Tony Horton. You will take your workout to the next level and test out new workouts for P90X: MC2. This is the real deal with Muscle Confusion 2 to give you a superior workout (all in the comfort of your home).

With One on One, you get an amazing new workout every month that kicks things up a notch. With this month’s Plyocide, even Tony Horton was challenged. Are you ready for moves like jack-in-the-box knee tucks? Just name scares me! How about coordination drills. Think sweat because that’s what you will be doing, and lots of it!

Subscribe to P90X One on One™ and get Tony’s latest X-style workout delivered right to your door every month. You’ll experience that same intensity in 40 to 60 minute workouts. To start, just rotate your new One on One exercise into your P90X schedule. Then once you’ve collected a library of DVDs, you’ll be able to create an amazing new training program.

Here’s how it works. When you subscribe, you’ll get the latest exercise routines each month straight from Tony—from his home to yours, for just $19.95 a month.

Plus special FREE gifts
Get a FREE DVD wallet to hold a year’s worth of routines! And keep an eye out for bonus workouts, training gear, and other cool stuff to keep you motivated.

For December only, you can get P90X One on One Plyocide for just $0.01! An amazing deal. You just pay the shipping. You will get a new fitness DVD every month thereafter for just $19.95 a month (+$2.95 s&h).
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Don’t worry, you can cancel at any time!

Programa P90X en Español

Con mas de 2.8 millones de copias vendidas, el sistema de entrnamiento P90X esta aqui para quedarse, y ahora disponible en espanol.

P90X Sistema Extremo de Ejercicio en Casa! Todos los DVD de ejercicios y manuales están en español.Basado en la teoria de confusion muscular, solo en 90 dias veras resultados.

Si! Quiero probar P90X hoy!

Si estás más o menos en buena forma y tienes las ganas de ponerte excepcionalmente fuerte mientras quemas esas obstinadas últimas libras de tu cuerpo, entonces sí… P90X no solo es para ti, ¡P90X te quiere!

Sí, este programa no es para todo el mundo, es para aquellos pocos que quieren ver qué es posible con 90 días de verdadero entrenamiento. No tienes que ser atleta o fisicoculturista. Solo tienes que tener la voluntad para ir “Adelante” durante 90 días.

Con base en las opiniones de los clientes, este programa te encantará aun más de lo que crees. Y en 90 días, ya sea que quieras mostrar tu cuerpo en la playa o mejorar tu fuerza, resistencia y coordinación para competir en tu área, los resultados te dejarán absolutamente asombrado (siempre lo hacen).

El sistema completo de P90X incluye:

12 rutinas de ejercicios extremadamente diversas e intensas

  • 01 Pecho y Espalda.
  • 02 Ejercicios Pliométricos.
  • 03 Hombros y Brazos.
  • 04 Yoga X.
  • 05 Piernas y Espalda.
  • 06 Kenpo X.
  • 07 Estiramiento X.
  • 08 Sinérgicos para el Centro del Cuerpo.
  • 09 Pecho, Hombros y Tríceps.
  • 10 Espalda y Bíceps.
  • 11 Cardio X.
  • 12 Abdominales X.

¡3 Guías para que empieces!

  • Plan de Nutrición de 3 Fases de P90X diseñado para ayudarte a perder grasa mientras mantienes altos niveles de energía.
  • Guía de Ejercicios P90X repleta de valiosa información de entrenamiento para ayudarte a aprovechar al máximo tu programa.
  • Video Bring It!® “Cómo lograrlo” para un repaso rápido de todo el Sistema de Entrenamiento Extremo en Casa P90X.

Herramientas para mantenerte motivado

  • Calendario de P90X para fijar tus objetivos de ejercicio, seguir tu progreso y mantenerte motivado.
  • Asistencia GRATIS en Línea para tener acceso a expertos en salud y apoyo de otros usuarios que te mantendrán motivado.

Si! Quiero probar P90X hoy!

Michelle Obama Does P90X

First Lady Michelle Obama was noted for her toned arms since she appeared in the spotlight. Mrs. Obama can easily wear a sleeveless look due to her obvious upper body strength training. How does Michele Obama get those great toned arms? P90X!

We got it straight from President Obama!

Last night, Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody, had the pleasure of attending an event that featured a visit from President Obama.

Part of Carl’s brief conversation with the President went like this upon meeting him:

At once the door swung open, and in walked Obama. He gave a quick hello and a hug to Mark and then he walked straight up to Jon who said “Hello Mr. President we’re the co-founders of Beachbody – This is Carl Daikeler. You might know our products like P90X.”

With that Obama moves in and grabs my hand in a handshake and says “P90X! My wife does that. Man, I can hardly keep up with her!”

Later in the evening, Carl says: … which point we walked over to the President’s two “body men” to give them our business cards, only to learn that one of them also had just completed a few weeks of P90X, and that- in their words – “the entire White House is using P90X.” Read more about Carl’s meeting with the President.

P90X really works!

Bob’s Shakeology and P90X Success Story

Shakeology meal replacement shake gave Bob the nutrition and energy he needed to power through P90X. Bob lost 47 pounds and 6 inches off his waist at 52 years old!

He was overweight his entire life. By the time he was 52 he was 240 pounds. He was having chest pains and his blood pressure was astronomical. He was also on blood pressure medication. Like so many people in his age group, his health was not good from lack of good nutrition and exercise.

His son was also overweight and getting teased at school. Bob saw that his son was headed down the same path as him and decided to do something about it.

Bob’s wife achieved incredible results with P90X, the 90-day fitness program so he and his son decided to give it a try. The problem was that he did not have the energy to get through the extreme workouts. He needed a solution.

His wife suggested he start drinking Shakeology. Bob noticed immediately that he felt better and had a great energy boost. With Shakeology to give him the fuel he needed and the at-home exercises, Bob was amazed at this results.

He threw away his blood pressure medication and anti-depressants. Getting rid of those medications was a huge step towards better health. He is now in the best shape of his life! He is so thankful to his wife for introducing him to Shakeology and P90X.

If you really want to make a change in your life, try this amazing meal replacement shake and see what it can do for you! And don’t forget to exercise, it does a body good.

P90X Success Story – Jill Lost Baby Weight with P90X

Jill started losing hope after she had her baby. She had a lot of extra fat on her body especially around her mid-section. She even had thoughts about a tummy tuck! Jill decided to give P90X workout program a try. As soon as she started P90X, she saw a difference. She got lots of comments from friends and family asking her what she was doing.

Jill had 3 kids and looks great after doing P90X! Just check out her P90X before and after picture!

On day 1, she could barely hold herself up on the pull-up bar. Now, she can do 48 pull-up and easily does 30 full pushups! She is very happy with the way she looks after doing P90X and her husband is too!

According to Jill, it’s not just about the physical strength, it’s been an emotional journey too. She even raised over $3000 by participating in a fund-raising triathalon! She completed it!

If you are sitting on the couch wondering if you should get P90X – just do it! P90X changed Jill’s life and it can change yours too! P90X is not guess work! You get a schedule and nutrition plan – everything is mapped out for you. Everything you need to do is right there, you just commit and get it done!

P90X Peak Health Formula | High-Potency Multivitamin For Extreme Training Programs

P90X Peak Health Formula

P90X Peak Health Formula is designed to ensure that your body receives all the essential nutrients it needs as you work your way through an extreme training system such as P90X or INSANITY.  It also boosts energy so you’ll never feel too tired to do a workout, and enhances your immune system.

P90X Peak Health Formula is essentially a potent and very complete multivitamin designed especially to meet the needs of a very active individual engaged in high-intensity training.

  • High-potency multivitamin-mineral
  • High-potency antioxidant coverage
  • Immune support
  • Energy support
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Memory and nerve support
  • Anti-aging support
  • Anti-stress support
  • Support for skin, hair, and nails

I took this vitamin throughout all three months of P90X and I’m thankful I did.  It did considerably boost my energy, and also helped my body feel energized even after a grueling workout.   This formula is highly recommended if you’re doing any extreme training program.

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