December 12, 2017

35 Doctors Don’t Lie – Shakeology

Shakeology put quality above everything else and is off the charts of the nutrition marketing book. We were amazed at how many doctors ordered Shakeology and volunteered to give their opinion and support for this healthy shake product.

35 Doctors Don't Lie - Shakeology

35 Doctors Don't Lie - Shakeology

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The beauty of Shakeology is these are high quality, nutrient dense ingredients. It has everything you would find in a multivitamin and then some! This amazing shake goes a long way in helping people with their overall health, especially with losing weight.

You may think that if you eat healthy and take care of yourself, you will be fine. Not so true. Modern society has changed the content of the food we eat so it’s not even as nutritious as it was 50 years ago.

From a nutrition standpoint, Shakeology is superior to anything on the market right now. It has the ability to lower cholesterol and much more.

You just need to try it for yourself. Shakeology is a product that comes from nutrient rich soils. It contains vitamins, trace minerals, and over 70 superfoods that you would have a hard time getting anywhere else.

Really, just try it! With a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but some weight and everything to gain like energy, lowered cholesterol, and much more. If you want to live better and you want to feel better, drink Shakeology!

Get your best healthy shake here:

Shakeology meal replacement shake–> Order Shakeology Chocolate, Greenberry, or Tropical Strawberry vegan
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Beachbody Challenge Packs

Each Challenge Pack is a comprehensive health and fitness solution that offers total support for anyone who wants to achieve their health and fitness goals. The formula? Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success.

Customer Challenge Packs include:

  • Choice of one of Beachbody’s top-selling fitness programs
  • Choice of Shakeology, delivered on Home Direct
  • 30-day trial to the Team Beachobody Club.

Coach Challenge Packs
Same as the customer packs, but these also include a Game Plan Tools Kit and Business Essentials Starter Program, all for the same price as the customer packs.

Here are the available packs. For customers, click the pack you want to purchase:

Challenge Pack 160 includes a choice of Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam, Brazil Butt Lift, Slim in 6, or Power 90.
Costs $160, plus tax. Includes FREE shipping. Saving of $25.75.

Click to purchase:

Challenge Pack 180 includes a choice of 10-Minute Trainer, Body Gospel, RevAbs, ChaLEAN Extreme, and INSANITY:THE ASYLUM.
Costs $180, plus tax. Includes FREE shipping. Saving of $26.33.

Click to purchase:

Challenge Pack 205 includes a choice of P90X, INSANITY, TurboFire, or P90X2.
Costs $205, plus tax. Includes FREE shipping. Savings of $44.69.

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TurboFire Success Story

Are you ready to fire up your energy levels and lose weight? You can do just that in the comfort of your home, just like Justine did. Before TurboFire, she was working out at the gym 5 to 6 days a week and eating really healthy. Even with all that exercise, there were no changes in her body. How frustrating is that? She was at a weight loss plateau and wanted results.

She heard about TurboFire workout and got excited because it looked to be fun and different. One of the big differences that separate TurboFire from other fitness programs is the HIIT workouts. These High Intensity Interval Training exercises are so intense! You hear the fire drill and your energy just starts going and you go for it. The HIIT workouts really rev up your metabolism which helps your body burn more calories for the next 24 hours. The drills work by pushing to to the max for up to 1-minute, with quick recovery periods.

Even though it’s hard work, with the awesome music pumping, you feel like you are at a party.

Doing the workout at home is fun too! According to Justine, she can let loose be herself without feeling insecure and just have a good time. There is no worry about anyone looking at you at home. Also, working out at 100 percent maximum capacity is addictive!

If you are not sure how to do the steps, there is a super cool “New to Class” option where you get step-by-step instruction to help you through the moves the first time.

She got results fast too! With TurboFire, biceps showed up and she finally got these abs that were hiding under a layer of fat. She lost 20 pounds and feels amazing!

Les Mills Pump At Home Fitness Program

You may be familiar with Les Mills BodyPump, the most popular gym class in the world! Recently, Beachbody and Les Mills joined forces to create the home version, called Les Mills Pump.

With Les Mills Pump barbell-based workout, you can look forward to a lean, sculpted body. You don’t have to be a super athlete to do it! Anyone can do this fun, home workout! It does not matter what weight, shape, size, or age you are – Pump is for you!

If you are already athletic and just looking to increase your overall muscle strength, this workout is great for you too! Les Mills Pump is also great to incorporate into a hybrid with other Beachbody fitness programs that you do.

This 90-day fitness program is designed for 3 days per week and comes with all the equipment you need to get your sculpted body!

Les Mills Pump Base Kit – $165.85

  • 7 DVDs
  • Lean, Strong, & Unstoppable Fitness Guide
  • Get Lean Nutrition Guide
  • Barbell that breaks down for easy storage
  • Barbell safety clips
  • Two 5-lb. and two 10-lb. weighted plates
  • Workout calendar
  • 2 bonus workouts
  • Free bonus workout only available at Team Beachbody

Les Mills Pump Deluxe Kit – $305.85

  • Pump Base kit
  • 3 additional cardio workouts
  • 2 additional 5 pound weights
  • Height-adjustable Step (also called a riser)

Based on Les Mills Rep Effect, this home workout will give you the body you always wanted. The Rep Effect is founded on the philosophy of higher reps and less weights. It’s taught by 14 of the most highly trained Les Mills instructors too

It’s designed for all levels of fitness so as a beginner; you can start with no weights on the barbells and work your way up at your own pace. If you are already very fit, put more weights on the barbells. That’s the beauty of this program, it’s flexible enough for anyone to do. No excuses people!

In just 90 days, you can have the body you only dreamed about as you go through three Les Mills Phases:

Phase 1: Te Wero – The Challenge
Want to shed some serious pounds? Don’t let the short workouts fool you! These challenging workouts are designed to boost your metabolism and promote weight loss.

Phase 2: Panoni – The Change
Start building and sculpting your muscles now. As you push your body, you’ll be changing your shape – going for the lean look!

Phase 3: Kia Kaha – Be Strong
Are you ready to be lean, ripped, and sculpted? That’s what this phase is all about!

Ready to get Pumped with Les Mills new at-home workout?

P90X2 Workout

P90X2 is the next level of P90X, Beachbody’s most popular workout program. If you thought you got great results with P90X, look to becoming stronger, more ripped, and more flexible with the P90X2 sequel.

Designed to maximize efficiency and intensity, P90X2 is a 5-day a week program because the workouts are that intense! After 90 days of using ground-breaking techniques, you’ll see improvements in strength, power, and performance!

Exclusive promo: When you purchase it at Team Beachbody, you also receive 2 additional FREE workouts: P90X One on One 4 Legs and P90X One on One Upper Body Balance ($40 value).

There are three P90X Kits. The main difference is the equipment and 2 advanced workouts.

Base Kit – $119.85 (Blu-Ray – $149.85)

  • P90X Nutrition Guide
  • P90X Fitness Guide
  • P90X2 Calendar


  • How to Bring it Again (intro)
  • X2 Core
  • Plyocide
  • X2 Recovery & Mobility
  • X2 Total Body
  • X2 Yoga (only 65 min!)
  • Balance & Power
  • Chest, Back & Balance
  • X2 Shoulders & Arms
  • Base & Back
  • P.A.P. Upper
  • P.A.P. Lower
  • X2 Ab Ripper

Deluxe Kit – $239.85 (Blu-Ray – $299.85)

P90X2 Deluxe kit includes everything in the base kit plus:

  • V Sculpt – (Deluxe & Ultimate kits only) Get an amazing pump while blasting your back and biceps!
  • X2 Chest, Shoulders and Triceps – (Deluxe & Ultimate kits only) Chest, shoulders and triceps.
  • 2 medicine balls
  • 1 stability ball
  • 1 foam roller

Ultimate Kit – $299.85 (Blu-Ray – $359.85)

P90X2 Ultimate kit includes everything in the base kit plus:

  • V Sculpt – (Deluxe & Ultimate kits only) Get an amazing pump while blasting your back and biceps!
  • X2 Chest, Shoulders and Triceps – (Deluxe & Ultimate kits only) Chest, shoulders and triceps.
  • 2 medicine balls
  • 1 stability ball
  • 1 higher quality foam roller
  • 2 P90X Power Stands

Click here to order P90X2 – get YOURs!

10 Minute Trainer Featured in SELF Magazine

10-Minute Trainer, the popular Beachbody fitness program for busy people, made it into SELF Magazine as a featured workout program that works in the October 2011 issue!

10 Minute Trainer is HOT! According to SELF Magazine’s fitness editor, “The DVDs are so speedy, I could do two a day, and I have the defined arms to prove it!”

Nice kudos from one of the top health and fitness magazines! With Ten Minute Trainer, you can always find time to squeeze in a workout no matter how busy you are. These breakthrough workouts use a Super Stacking Technique with resistance bands. Combine that with the easy-to-follow eating plan you will lose weight, get toned, and have plenty of time left over!

How to Get Rid of Your Saddlebags

The outer thigh area, also known as saddlebags, is so hard to slim down! With consistent exercises that target the saddlebag area, you can slim down those thighs in no time!

Debbie Siebers, creator of Slim in 6 workout program, gives some great tips that specialize in shrinking and reducing the outer thigh area.

In this video Debbie Siebers demonstrates the “advanced curtsy lunge”. It’s a very effective exercise. You will really feel it but it will help your thighs to get lean and mean. Getting rid of saddlebags is much easier with these targeted moves.

Take a look at this simple move that can get your thighs ready for any bikini!

Body Gospel Sample Workout

Body Gospel will have you working out and worshipping all at the same time! Filled with prayer and motivating gospel music, you’ll get in shape in no time! Donny Richardson Joyner helps you see how much exercise is really a way to praise and getting healthy is a way to worship.

When you workout to Body Gospel, you’ll start your exercising with a prayer before moving to energizing gospel music. Combining faith, fitness, and nutrition, Body Gospel is sure to transform your health while enhancing your faith!

Getting fit and eating healthy foods will give you the needed energy to take care of your obligations and serve God. Read the latest weight loss success stories!

With Body Gospel, you’ll do calories blasting cardio, getting rid of those love handles and defining your abs! The stretching will help increase your flexibility and reduce stress while breathing new life in your healthy temple.

Donna Richardson Joyner, the creator of Body Gospel, has starred in award-winning workouts, including the Buns of Steel and Sweating in the Spirit series. The Oprah Winfrey Show chose her as one of the “Top 5 Fitness Video Instructors.” Donna is in the Fitness Hall of Fame and holds the Guinness World Record for leading the world’s largest line dance, with over 50,000 participants.

Buy Body Gospel workout
FREE DVD BONUS Workout – Sweat & Sculpt (a $19.95 Value)


See what this uplifting fitness program is about with this 3-minute Body Gospel sample workout:

P90X Protein Bars – 20 Grams Protein

P90X Protein Bars are part of my daily food intake. At about 260 calories, they are perfect for making up the calories needed when doing extreme fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, or TurboFire.

Prior to using the P90X Protein Bars, I was eating enough and couldn’t find a good, nutritious snack that would provide me with the extra energy needed. As a result, I was often too tired to get through the workouts with high energy and found myself dragging through the latter part.

I usually eat just half of the P90X bar about one hour prior to my workout and that helps a lot. You may need to eat the whole bar, depending on your weight and calories requirements. I follow up my workout with a Shakeology drink and that keeps me going too.

With an average of 260 calories per P90X Protein bar, you’ll get the protein you need—without the trans fat that you don’t need. Each bar packs a whopping 20 grams of protein. These protein bars are your best alternative to snacks and fast food.

The P90X Protein bars come in four great flavors:

I can never decide which one I want so I love the variety pack, which contains 3 bars of each of the 4 flavors.
I’ve tried so many protein bars from the grocery store. These are the best tasting that I ever had. Carrying one around in my purse has been great for those times when I am stuck in traffic and can’t get a meal. These bars keep me going and full until the next meal.

With a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

These bars taste great, are full of nutrients and are good for you! What more can you ask for? I tried to go back to some grocery store protein bars but truly hated the taste and did not feel satisfied. So I was happy that a box of P90X bars was waiting on my doorstep yesterday!

Click Here to Order

Beachbody Coaching FREE for Active Duty Military

Beachbody recently announced an awesome Beachbody Coach program for active duty Military. If you are an active member of the military and newly enrolling as a Beachbody Coach, the cost of your business starter kit ($39.95) and your monthly business service fee will be waived (FREE) for the duration of your active duty orders. If your active orders have no stated end date, your business service fee will be waived for a minimum of two years.

What does this mean? Any active duty Military person (or their spouse) can become a Beachbody Coach for FREE. You can start a business to earn extra income, get 25% discount off all fitness and nutritional products, or do both! There is no obligation to do the business if you just want the discount!

If you are active duty Military and  want to join our Coach network,  please download and complete the Coach application, and submit the completed Coach application, together with a copy of your active duty orders or any suitable verification of your status, such as a copy of your military ID or your BIR, to our Coach Relations team for further review and processing.

Yes, if you and your spouse are both active military, you may each enroll as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, and each of you is eligible to have your basic enrollment fee of $39.95 and your monthly business service fee waived. Both of you will need to complete our Coach application and submit the application along with the verification of your active status.

If you are active duty military and are not a Beachbody Coach, your spouse is welcome to take advantage of this benefit. If your spouse is enrolling as a Coach rather than you, your spouse will need to submit a copy of your active duty orders or other suitable paperwork, in order to qualify for this waiver. In this particular case, the name on the Coach account will be the enrolling spouse.

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