December 12, 2017

3 Healthy Eating Tips from Debbie Siebers

Here are 3 great healthy eating tips from Debbie Siebers, the creator of Slim in 6.

Portion Control Tips

When it comes to weight loss, the most important is portion control. It doesn’t matter how good you eating, if you are packing in too many calories, your body stores the rest as FAT. Think in terms of half of whatever you are eating. If you are eating a turkey sandwich, eat just half instead. Remember, it should fit in the palm of your hand. If you eat almonds or dried cranberries, don’t eat too many! Use Debbie’s technique of “halves and handfuls” to make sure your entrees and snacks are the right size for you.

If you are eating out, ask to cut the entrée in half – take the rest to go. Fill up on greens. This way, you get the proper portions, keep your metabolism working efficiently and lose the weight! Especially if you are doing Slim in 6!

Complex Carbs Tips

Contrary to certain diet fads, carbohydrates are an essential part of daily nutrition. But not all carb are created equal. Find out which ones will help you achieve your fitness goals and which will stand in your way!

It can be confusing as to which carbohydrates are good for you. Stay away from anything white – white rice, white bread, pasta, potatoes. Focus on whole grains and green leafy vegetables. Make sure your bread says whole wheat or whole grain and switch to brown rice. If you eat this way, you will feel energized and empowered. You will also lose weight especially while doing Slim in 6.

Mini Meals and Snack Tips

Don’t be tempted to grab something quick and unhealthy for a snack. Get an insulated cooler and throw an icepack in. Prepare your meals the night before instead. Debbie Siebers serves up a fresh healthy eating tip to keep you on track for your fitness goals. This tip focuses on preparing mini meals and snacks at night so you are ready to go the next day.

You can also use Shakeology as a snack. It will give you all the vitamins and nutrition you need, plus keep you energize and full until the next meal! This will keep your metabolism working efficiently and set yourself up for success!

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