December 14, 2017

Insanity Success Story – Larry

Larry decided to “Dig Deep” and take his fitness to the next level with Insanity 60-day fitness program. He got incredible results in just 60 days!

Larry had a great 60 days with Insanity by Shaun T. He got fantastic results. Yes, he now has the “Insanity” body. Check out his 30- and 60-day results – amazing.

The Insanity fitness program

Sometimes change can be a struggle, but remember, it's so worth it. When you push yourself physically, you'll grow even stronger and more confident in your abilities. You're only going to be stronger, healthier, and happier for it. If you ever can't seem to get motivated to do your workout, just remember why you started exercising in the first place!

When you purchase the Insanity workout program through my link, you also get the exclusive bonus Insanity DVD, Fast and Furious. It’s an insane 20-minute workout!

Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club

Helping kids learn about exercise and nutrition is a great way to build a healthy lifestyle from the start. Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club workout DVD is a great way to introduce your kids to exercise and nutrition.

An in-home dance-based fitness program, Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club is for children ages 7 and up. These workouts will engage your children, matching their interests and energy levels! Shaun T. makes the workouts fun and easy to follow. Getting young ones moving at an early age helps them create healthy habits for life.

Shaun T. is an awesome trainer who grooves with the kids every step of the way. This workout will get your kids off the couch and moving and grooving.

This fitness DVD is in a fun setting where the kids even talk with Shaun T. about the importance of exercise.

What’s included:

  • 30-Day Fitness Calendar helps keep track of workouts
  • Smart Snacking Guide teaches sensible eating and helps choose the best healthy, kid-friendly snack ideas.
  • Guide to Reading Nutrition Labels shows you how to read food labels so you can evaluate what’s in the foods you eat.

The Fit Kids Club is perfect for:

  • Fitness beginners. With easy to learn moves, these workouts can be done by anyone at any level of fitness
  • Kids who want to maintain their weight. Your heart rate goes up with these workout so you can increase your fitness level each time you exercise.
  • Kids who don’t like sports. These dance-based workout will keep you moving without having to be good at any sport
  • Kids who are embarrassed to go to exercise classes or the gym. You get to work out in the privacy of your own home with a friendly and motivating workout cast,
  • Adults who want a shorter workout. Although the exercisers are younger people, adults will also appreciate the engaging, entertaining workouts
  • Parents of children 7 and up, to encourage exercise and good nutrition. The workouts are a good way to help the entire family develop healthy habits together

With Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club, your size or shape doesn’t matter. These workouts are so much fun, you won’t even know you are exercising! And,  our expert trainer’s engaging energy gets you moving!

P90X Success Story – Jill Lost Baby Weight with P90X

Jill started losing hope after she had her baby. She had a lot of extra fat on her body especially around her mid-section. She even had thoughts about a tummy tuck! Jill decided to give P90X workout program a try. As soon as she started P90X, she saw a difference. She got lots of comments from friends and family asking her what she was doing.

Jill had 3 kids and looks great after doing P90X! Just check out her P90X before and after picture!

On day 1, she could barely hold herself up on the pull-up bar. Now, she can do 48 pull-up and easily does 30 full pushups! She is very happy with the way she looks after doing P90X and her husband is too!

According to Jill, it’s not just about the physical strength, it’s been an emotional journey too. She even raised over $3000 by participating in a fund-raising triathalon! She completed it!

If you are sitting on the couch wondering if you should get P90X – just do it! P90X changed Jill’s life and it can change yours too! P90X is not guess work! You get a schedule and nutrition plan – everything is mapped out for you. Everything you need to do is right there, you just commit and get it done!

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