December 12, 2017

Hate Exercise? Learn How to Find Exercise Motivation

Not everyone feels like working out all the time. If you are not one of those people who are blessed with self-motivation to exercise, then read on! You know you need to exercise , but you just don’t have the energy or maybe  just lack the desire to workout.

Here are a few tips to get you through those days when exercising is just not happening. Maybe you need some new ideas or something to shake up your workout!

  • Music:  Make a playlist full of your favorite music.  This can often help get you feeling more motivated, energetic, or help increase your workout intensity.
  • Change your workout: For instance, if you have a favorite routine, do that one instead and do the one you’re skipping in place of the favorite on the day it comes up.
  • Do a less intense workout: If you’re a P90X graduate, or have completed Insanity – heck, even if you’re still working on either of those, take a small break!  For example,  get moving with Ten Minute Trainer instead!  It’s better than nothing!
  • Workout with a friend: Get a friend to be active with you.  Even if they can’t match your intensity level, just them being there and going through the motions will at times do wonders for your motivation.
  • Reward yourself: Plan a small reward for yourself if you do your workout.  Maybe a SMALL J  cup of ice cream later that evening.  Or maybe go buy that book you’ve been wanting.
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  • Just do it: Just make yourself.  Yes, this is the hardest option of all, but usually even when I’m not feeling like working out, I’m loving it once again about 10-15 minutes into it.

Well, that’s all for this post.  I hope these tips can help you stay motivated at those times when you really need it as much as they have helped me.

Remember:  Keep pushing play!

Your Exercise Environment

P90XThe importance of the environment in which you exercise can often be overlooked, especially if you workout at home and have a regular routine established.

This topic occurred to me about two weeks ago while doing my P90X Plyometrics workout.  That day I chose to workout in the bedroom, which is much smaller than my regular workout spot in the living room.

I quickly realized that exercising in a smaller space was forcing me to maintain better form during each exercise.  There wasn’t as much room for mistakes and my form was tighter and I was making each movement as efficiently as possible.

Another benefit was being able to watch my movements in the mirror.  This helped me not only maintain proper form, but also to keep my intensity level consistent.

Having more objects available to focus on during certain exercises was also helpful.  For example, during the “hot foot” exercise that involves jumping in the shape of a cross, I  was able to make sure my cross lined up with the gaps in the tile on the floor.

Always consider the environment you exercise in…and mix it up.  It really can make a big difference in motivation, focus and results.

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P90X vs. Insanity

Have you been trying to decide between P90X and Insanity?  Just wondering what’s different between Insanity and P90X?

Well here’s the answer.

P90X is a good balance of cardio and resistance training.  You can use resistance bands or dumbbells in conjunction with body resistance to get ripped and fit in only 3 months!  P90X will get YOU in the best shape of your life!  Tony Horton will have YOU sweating and pushing harder than you have in your life!  Want to build your upper body strength?  Tony will have YOU doing hundreds of push-ups within 3 months!  Want to lose weight?  With Plyometrics and Kenpo X, you’ll sweat off the pounds faster than you can possibly put them on!

Insanity, on the other hand, is more focused on cardio, but does feature some body resistance training (no weights).  Shaun T will have YOU running, jumping, stretching, and moving faster in just 60 days!  With an intense focus on cardio exercise, Insanity will burn off any extra pounds you may be carrying!  Shaun T will push you past your limits to get the leanest, hardest body you’ve ever had.  YOU will have better cardio health than people half your age by the time you finish this program!

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Resistance Bands vs. Dumbbells

B-Lines Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are showing up more and more now in the fitness world, in gyms, and workout routines like P90X . Workout resistance bands have been around for almost a century. These workout bands were originally used as a fitness technique, and then progressed to be used as a rehabilitation device. Now, resistance bands are widely used for fitness and rehabilitation.

Dumbbells are excellent for resistance training, but dumbbells are only one dimensional, offering resistance against gravity. P90X B-LINES® Resistance Bands do not rely on gravity to provide resistance; this makes the P90X B-LINES® Resistance Bands’ movement more functional in simulating everyday activities and sport specific activities, opening up unlimited potential for use.

Because free weights rely on gravity for resistance, they only provide resistance in a vertical plane; this means if you use free weights in a horizontal plane, such as side twists, there is no resistance. With P90X B-LINES® Resistance Bands , if you were to anchor down one side and perform exercises such as side twists, sidekicks, punches, or even sport movements such a baseball swing, or a basketball pass, they provide resistance.

Both traditional dumbbells and resistance bands provide similar capabilities of resistance, and range of motion, which are critical for muscle strength and fat loss. P90X B-LINES® Resistance Bands are an excellent alternative to the traditional dumbbells, as resistance bands offers many advantages.

Benefits of P90X B-LINES® Resistance Bands:

  • Portability – lightweight and easily stored and transported. Use it anywhere, indoors, outdoors, in a hotel, anywhere.
  • CompactP90X B-LINES® Resistance Bands are as portable as they come, and you don’t need to take the whole set with you. They easily fit in a pocket of a suitcase, or a corner of your backpack or overnight pack.
  • Function – P90X B-LINES® Resistance Bands offers more functional strength, better injury prevention, greater ability to change muscle emphasis during exercises, and easier use.
  • Affordable – at $40 for the set, it is less than a month’s of membership at a gym!
  • Best of all, you can work out at your convenience, in the privacy of your home or take them along for travel.

    P90X B-LINES® Resistance Bands are a great piece of equipment that rivals the most expensive home gyms and health clubs yet fit in your workout bag!

    I currently use the Super kit, our most popular kit, which comes with range of 15-30lbs. It is more than enough of me when I do the P90X Shoulders & Arms workout. An excellent way to keep your self motivated it to get the next set up, which is what I have done. I’m struggling with last few reps right now, but I have already gotten the Extreme Kit (20-40lbs) because of the progress I’m making. For women, I’d recommend starting with the Standard Set (15-30lbs), then progress to the Super Kit.

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  • Life After P90X

    Unsure about what to do after you finish P90X?

    This video can help!

    Workout Schedules & Self-Disclipline

    How do you make time to workout when you have a busy daily schedule?  Do you have a set time to exercise or does it vary from day to day?

    My daily schedule has worked well for my needs and led to great success.  When I get home from work absolutely nothing gets done until I do my P90X workout.  I don’t even sit down or check email until the routine is finished. On weekend mornings my workout always comes first.

    Here are some benefits of a structured exercise schedule:

    • Builds self-discipline
    • Keeps you motivated
    • Easily becomes a habit
    • Helps plan other daily activities

    Need some help choosing and getting into a routine?

    Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide | Book Review

    Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution
    by David Zinczenko is an extraordinary nutrition guide that shows you exactly what to buy and what to shy away from at the grocery store.

    I’m personally finding this resource a huge help every time I go to the supermarket.  The book is divided up into helpful sections such as breads, fridge items, freezer items, etc.  One of the best features is the inclusion of actual pictures of the product packaging, with the healthier items on the left hand side, and the less healthy items on the right.

    Eat This Not That features food and additive facts and ideas for saving money on high-quality food items.  Plus, it has tips on navigating a supermarket layout to find the healthiest choices. It also includes a section of healthy and easy to follow recipes.

    If you are not following the meal plan for your favorite exercise program such as P90X, INSANITY, Brazil Butt Lift or RevAbs, this book will be a significant time saver when it comes time to ensuring proper nutrition.

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